About Us


Established in 2007, Camlet Dry Cleaners is a family run business in Islamabad. Our exclusive, personal and reliable services. CAMLET Cleaners the reputation of being the best Dry Cleaner and Laundry Services provider in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. We are equipped with the most modern European equipment.


To become the leading laundry and dry cleaning service in Islamabad and Rawalpindi with focus on high quality, unrivaled customer service and environmental friendly operations while encouragement the needs of our customers.


To provide high quality wash, Ironing laundry and dry cleaning services that reinvents our customers’ lifestyle.

Why Us ?

Don’t you remember your parents or you yourself or any member of your family calling the Laundry boy ask Dhobiwala again and again to come and take the clothes and once the clothes are with him, calling him again for returning the ironed clothes. Also you had to maintain the monthly diary for your Dhobiwala, who most of the times used to goof with the amounts. I think we all needed to get rid of this. Don’t you feel we always feel neglected by these people. Calling them again and again is indeed a tiring job in today’s world. You at once might have though ” Kash ye kapde dhulwane ke liye bhi koi application aa jae, taki mai order karu and meri life relax ho jae’..You wished and we bought this to reality. Now no need to call you laundry boy again and again. YOUR CLOTHES ARE NOW OUR PRIORITY. Camlet Cleaners always as per your convenience..